Here at The Great Northern Tea Company, we don't spend all that much time worrying about the word "tea"... a caffeinated pick-me-up black tea, a cleansing green tea or a calming white tea is no stranger to our pantry.  But with our own blends, we're up to something a little different.

We have a few plans to use the actual tea plant, Camellia sinensis, on some occasions for our seasonal blends (stay tuned!) or by demand.  But as of right now, we're continuing the age-old tradition of simply placing some plant materials into hot water and enjoying the benefits.

Over a decade of experience in the wellness industry, coupled with a current curriculum in herbal studies, guarantees that these plant properties are healthful and non-harming.  But beyond the physical health-enhancing properties ascribed to particular plants, herbs and spices, we're most interested in cultivating the moment of a cup of tea.

Here at The Great Northern Tea Company, we aim to balance the go,go,go that is ever-present and addictive in our culture.  It is our hope for ourselves and our customers that we all learn to slow our urgencies and calm our compulsions.  In our society we have a keen familiarity with caffeine culture.  We have devices with timers so that before we wake up, our daily dose of chemical stimulation is already brewing.  We revere the drive-thru, the deliciously marketed print materials, the aroma, the excitement of coffee culture.  And while we can consciously infuse a cup of coffee with a sense of reflection and slowing down, left on its own it is an engine stoker, an exacerbator, a dizzy-er.  With our tea we aren't aiming to be the anti-coffee, we're aiming to be the un-coffee.  

We offer momentary sips as reminders of the outdoors, of the virtues of deep breathing, of the history of countless peoples over the history of our planet who have drunk hot herbal remedies for thousands and thousands of years.  Let us help you unravel, and reconnect.

We wish you a few moments of silence and warmth with each cup.