The Great Northern Tea Company was born serendipitously as soon as Hillie Bills relocated back to her native northeastern terroir after having lived for five years in the desert.  While living in the southwest and working as the director of various spas, Hillie’s age-old love of herbal “tea” turned into a proper hobby of tea blending and branding, based on the distinctive aromas of southwestern herbal lore.   

Upon her return north, she found that the best part of each day was walking in the woods, and took to learning more and more about the local plants and their health properties.  Many of the smells she encountered in the woods called on childhood flavors of christmases past, autumn harvests and verdant spring breezes.  Although she was raised in the Hudson Valley, it is in the woods of Maine that she finds herself at home.

Snowy Adirondack peaks, velvety pine needle earth, train tracks whistling through the Canadian Rockies, the fertile peat bogs of Northern Europe, maple syrup.  Wolves howling, hoof prints in snow, coal gray chimney smoke across a turquoise skyscape, the Aurora Borealis.               

The Great North.

We hand-forage herbs, we hand-pack each tea bag.        

A commitment to stillness is apparent in each blend.         

We source as many components as possible from local woods and purveyors.  We strive for environmentally and socially responsible business decisions at every level, and will continue to aim for an even cleaner footprint as our company expands.            

Our passion for north country botanicals is sure to warm your spirit and inspire a sizeable serving of wanderlust.      

In immense gratitude, we thank you for visiting and wish you many moments of calm.



Hillie Bills