That'll be good.

Is there anything more humbling and more profound that taking a swig of our own medicine?  And I don't mean tea.... which is consumed by the pot on the good days and not nearly enough on the bad.  But the act of scaling back the daily psychodrama and seeing our intention clearly, and choosing to integrate it more deeply in our daily lives in order to temper said psychodrama.  In having started The Great Northern Tea Company, I am doing my best to clear a path through a cavalcade of health issues which plagued me for a while, and chose this very year to become an acute topic in need of attention.  

When members of your inner circle understand the need for tragic woodland humor as a tonic for daily living. @christopher_gundy

When members of your inner circle understand the need for tragic woodland humor as a tonic for daily living. @christopher_gundy

Since starting the company, I got a divorce, moved into a fairly urban setting away from the natural world, began two new jobs and two courses of schoolwork, lost one of my dearest family members, and experienced a round of doctor's visits, medical leave, hospitalizations and sick days that has endured for 7 months.  All the while wondering why it is that I was not able to focusing on getting the tea company built on a more solid foundation.  My body was simply not having it.

And then I accidentally decided to take a drastic measure that I am immeasurably lucky to have.  I will be heading to the woods, for three months, with no other folks around, with time to simply let my body heall.  Hopefully foraging for a lot of my food and medicine, but mostly, the gift is in returning to the Adirondacks-- which provided a very thin thread of consistency throughout my wandering ways.  Home to the family member who passed this year, and tucked away between a lake and the mountains, I will finally have a chance to do the very thing I encourage all of my friends, customers and clients to do.  To take time for themselves, to de-escalate from the compounding stress hormones that are addictive in our current culture, and to start making decisions from a new place once there is some rest and some reflection.

More on that topic in the future, and on a plan for our Tea Houses that we will be unearthing in 2018.  But for now, I am haphazardly packing up the pieces of my current life in Maine, parting with a majority of my belongings, and eagerly seeking the simple recipe of time + nature as a healing modality to employ where 7 medications and a few rounds of herbal concoctions have failed.  The place where I thought Rip Van Winkle lived, and Davy Crockett, and Santa.  

Geography has never been my strong suit.



Intention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

or, I Don't know what the Hell to be Doing.

March 2016 had us waiting on the last of our labels before we could properly package and distribute our tea.  As we were sitting on our hands, luckily, life showed up with several thousand miles of opportunities, obligation, work, love, and chaos within the northeastern corridor.  3 weeks of feverish flu, 5 rotating suitcases of packed/unpacked/repacked paraphernalia for styling work, book-launch-promotion print media, cases of bridal makeup, massage tables, directors chairs, bags of non-perishable health food items tasting like cardboard and utterly detracting from the sense of the carefree "road trip"... have all clustered into one giant brain freeze.  Today is the day to unwind from it all, and make the return to the tea.

For the first time in weeks, I am alone, I have slept, and I'm not counting down the hours until I head back into the chaotic stew of tri-state area traffic.  Back with the dogs in Maine, there is no possible way I can tend to the laundry (unending), the dishes (annoying), the sweeping (allergenic), the organizing (droning), the following-up (dizzying)...until I have taken a walk to remember what it's really all about these days.  We needed some of our own medicine. 

We just came into spring a few days ago, and another small storm hit.  It was a delicious reminder that after this dream of an easy winter, that nature still holds the cards and plays the tricks.  There are few words left to say, our walk this morning was of little significance or consequence, but it was a reminder that when the to-do feels daunting, it may not be entirely inappropriate to pack a bag full of toys and head out aimlessly with no goals except being present, entertaining yourself, and doing no harm along the way.


Here are some very scientific findings from our journey.